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Dennis on puddle, Market Street San Francisco, photo by W. Lam, Feb 2005.


I am an active photographer who lives in the San Francisco Bay Area. I am 32, and work in the tech industry. I enjoy photography because it forces a new look at what's there, right in front of me.

My photography is mostly street and travel, but I love nearly all genres. The ones I intend to practice more are portrait, and wildlife photography. Inspirations include Henri Cartier-Bresson, William Eggleston, Ansel Adams (both for his work and his technical greatness), Richard Avedon; and contemporaries such as Sheldon Hambrick, Heather Champ, Justin Ouellette, Brad Evans, and Jonathan Day-Reiner.

"Love what you do, and share it with others." - (A note in a Market Street SF Starbucks.) This pretty much sums up what photography is for me.

If you're in downtown San Francisco, especially during lunchtime, keep an eye out for an SLR wielding Filipino guy around Union Square and the northern end of SOMA (and sometimes around Embarcadero). In fact, I could be just about anywhere from the Mission to Marina. You just might run into me with your picture ending up on this website. I'm in suburbia (a business park, no less!) now that I've changed jobs. A challenge, indeed, to street photography. But I do hit SF on weekends. More travel though, so let's see what we can see elsewhere in the world.



I believe equipment is not very important to good photography. Here's an article why by Ken Rockwell. Frequent practice, that's what counts.

DM shooting at Pier 39, San Francisco, photo by G. Vandelle.

About this site

This site not only serves as my portfolio and practice canvas, but as a place for you to share in the view. Thank you for your visit. Keep coming back!

This site stands on the shoulders of the great work of others. It uses MovableType as its publishing engine, with templates designed originally by Quixotic Pixels. It also relies on several great MovableType plugins such as MTGrid, Brad Chaote's MTKeyValues, and the Short Title plugin. Many of hours of de-spamming time have been saved thanks to MT Blacklist. This site is the result of a lot of ideas from other photographers to whom I am deeply grateful. "Photoblogging" (i.e. a daily photo journal) is sort of a phenomenon which I caught on late in the game; but appreciate immensely because it provides a means for practicing photography.

Feel free to contact me by email with questions, hello's, or constructive critiques.

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