Toltec Emblem Guadalupe Door Knock Booger god Guadalupe Shrine
Upslope Sun Pyramid I Wall of Rock(s) Steps and Moon Pyramid Sun Pyramid 2
MOMA Shed Valve SFO Int'l SF City Hall at Night
16th Street BART Berkeley BART Temple Roof Higashi Hoganji Temple Lantern
Daikakuji Courtyard I Daikakuji House Daikakuji Rooftop Meiji Entrance Ueno Roof
Moss Lantern Wood, Copper Welcome to Japan JAL Wing SFO International
Driftwood Hut II Driftwood Hut Blue Pipe Valve Marriott from 3rd Spirail
Buildings Alleyway, Up Zen Poolside II Three three three MOMA Roof US Bank
SF MOMA II SF MOMA I Table Wine Rack at Vino Venue Golden Gate Northbound
Rust Sky Light Green Missles Yellow Hatchopener 80s Typewriter
Fish Pueblo Sky St. Francis Blue Door Pueblo Door
Golden Gate (wide) SV Mojo Hotel Arch Face Hyatt II
BART escalator BART Montgomery Golden Gate Tower Support Golden Gate Help
Hyatt 1 BART joint Rails into the Fog Hotel Union Square City Hall
Office Holiday Spirit Conference Room II Cable Car Stop Virgin Schwing SF Moma Figure
Office Window San Francisco Shopping Centre Purple Cockpit Blue Speaker System Le Tour Eiffel and Bridge
Violet House Arc de Triomphe Stone Head Adam and Eve Stained Glass Statue
Medusa Beheaded Open Door Downcast Hanging Angel Big Roman Door
Piazza di Spagna St. Peter's Basilica Vatican Spiral Statue Vatican Pathway
Grand Central Station Power, Data In Case of Fire... Lake Merritt Station BART Station wide
Montgomery at Market Apple Store SF Hobart Building H Cool sky
 SF MOMA In Front of the Argent Hotel New Montgomery at Market SF MOMA, Yerba Buena Transamerica Pyramid off Grant
St. Patrick's Church Wood slats Galleria lunch Wide Wide Buildings Skyscraper Hollow Beings

Photographs Dennis Mojado.