Snail Pepperoni Pizza Mexican Loom Italian Soda Flower VII
Flower VI Flower V Flower IV Flower III Flower II
Flower I Flotsam Glasses Coffee Unfree Flower II
Flower I Sleeping Snail One Dollar Totoro S Hook
Hinge Bawls Raindrops keep falling Wasabi Rusted Cable
Growth Forklift Mirror Hour Meter Rust Holes I Rust Holes II
Chains Web and Rust AP tag Snow Burr Yin-Yang Balls
Wing Mushroom Clovers Raindrops Desk
Cake Third Rail Danger Blue Wash Dave Spider Stucco
Pegs Beauty Wet Butt Fall White Orchid
Wheel Auto Lights Belly Rings Notre Dame Door Phallic Hook
Statuettes 33 Level Fokkin' Jet Backyard Dandelion
Black Sea Nettle Starfish Orchid Closeup Rose Orange 2 Electronic, Mail
Baby Saguaro Web Redwood Moss Moss and Clovers Clovers
Bumble Poppy Micro Daisy Bumble Poppy 2 Micro Daisies Purplish Pink Flower
Rusty Post 1 Little Yellow Flowers Big Yellow Flower Many Tiny Flowers Hopia
Hot Sauce Packet Red Rose Red Rose 2 Yow! Flower (2) Yow! Flower
Rose, Orange Shakyamuni Big Burrs 2 Big burrs Clothespin
Afternoon Snack Coffee free Pull To Open Fresh and minty Momints Orchid

Photographs Dennis Mojado.