BofA Zigzag © Dennis Mojado
BofA Zigzag: Shortly after taking this picture at the Bank of America Building courtyard in San Francisco, I encountered my first photo ban. A building security guard came out and, hands waving, told me, "No pictures." I looked at him and said, "Why." He replied, "Because this is private property and management does not want any pictures being taken." I deferred peacefully. Admittedly, I had temptations to be a punk and step onto the public street and take pictures of the building anyway. But with 12 frames per roll, I decided I didn't want to waste film just for obstinance. More and more of this is happening these days in the name of "security." We must continue to respectfully assert our free expression rights in public places.

Snapped on: Feb 22, 2005.

Hasselblad 503cx, Planar 80 C T* ISO100, Fujichrome Velvia 100f slide film

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